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Iowa Association for Justice

In 2008, IAJ launched its Justice In Deed initiative which links Iowa trial attorneys with community organizations to help meet critical needs. Our Justice In Deed fund-raising campaign during the conference and for the rest of the year will be for the Food Bank of Iowa. With every $1 donated, Food Pantry of Iowa is able to provide 4 full meals. Here are some examples of how we can stretch a dollar: -- $100 can purchase 10 cases of shelf-stable milk -- -- $2,000 can purchase 10 tons of potatoes, or half a truckload -- -- $5,000 can purchase almost an entire truck filled with a variety of fresh produce -- We’re counting on each you to help us reach our goal of $10,000!

Iowa Association for Justice
STAR 102.5's Combat Hunger 2021

About This Campaign

Join STAR 102.5 to Combat Hunger in Central Iowa. Last year, we provided more than 320,000 meals for Iowans in need. Right now, 1 in 8 kids in Iowa are experiencing hunger. They need our help. Together, we can continue to make a difference for Iowans facing food insecurity by contributing in one of three ways.

Doing your part in this virtual food drive is simple:

1. "Purchase" an item from the virtual food drive, just like you would if you were online grocery shopping.
2. Donate to a fundraising team.
3. Start your own team to raise funds.

Food Bank of Iowa gratefully accepts food donations at our headquarters. Please note, we are not able to pick up food drive collections.