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Creative Center for Young Children (CCYC)

Creative Center for Young Children (CCYC)

There are 13 million children nationwide who live in food insecure households. Without adequate nutrition, that can mean growth, development, and behavioral issues that can last for their entire life. Please consider donating $20 or more online. We would like to meet a goal of $800. That's $20 for each child enrolled at CCYC. We want to help do our part to eradicate childhood hunger by supporting the Combat Hunger food drive so there are no more hungry tummies in Des Moines.

Creative Center for Young Children (CCYC)
STAR 102.5's 2020 Combat Hunger

About This Campaign

The largest food drive in the state of Iowa, Star 102.5’s Combat Hunger raised more than 250,000 meals for Iowans in need in 2019. Join us as we continue to make a difference for Iowans in need!

Star 102.5 started Combat Hunger 30 years ago with one mission: help the Food Bank of Iowa provide meals for Iowans in need. Since then, Combat Hunger has provided millions of meals through the downtown encampment and food drives all across Central Iowa.

Use this virtual food drive to stretch your dollar by donating funds toward the purchase of meals at the Food Bank of Iowa!

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