Walking Fed 2021

Walking Fed 2021

About This Campaign

LAZER’s Walking Fed Food Drive returns for its 7th year!

We’ve teamed up with Confluence Brewing Company to help create 1,033 sacks of food for the Food Bank of Iowa’s BackPack program! You can help us reach this goal by buying specific food items from the online grocery store for the sacks, or you can buy a complete sack, a flat of sacks, or even sponsor a kid to receive the BackPack program for a year! Plus, Confluence Brewing Company will event match your donations up to $5,000.


9 needed (10%)
1 Child in the BackPack Program for 1 Year
883 needed (14%)
Animal Crackers
982 needed (4%)
76 needed (26%)
BackPack Sack
1012 needed (2%)
Beefaroni Entrée
88 needed (14%)
Canned Pears
67 needed (34%)
Canned Soup
82 needed (20%)
Canned Tuna
44 needed (12%)
Case of BackPack Sacks
Goal achieved!
Cereal Bar
982 needed (4%)
Fruit Cup
812 needed (21%)
Fruit Rings Cereal
91 needed (11%)
1012 needed (2%)
Juice Box
1007 needed (2%)
Mac & Cheese Entrée
1012 needed (2%)
Multigrain O's Cereal
89 needed (13%)
Peanut Butter
1012 needed (2%)
Shelf Stable Milk
1012 needed (2%)
Whole Grain Snack

Fundraising Teams

Team Confluence

The team at Confluence Brewing has a great love for the art and science of brewing deliciously amazing craft beer. This beer, coupled with our taproom and beer garden spaces, bring to life the literal embodiment of our name- Confluence. We welcome family, friends, peers, mentors, and me...

$1,448.13 raised (28%)

Hall's Heroes

Thank you for considering a donation to help benefit our cause! Donate $20 or more, and I will record a "Cameo" style video which will be posted on the LAZER website via our YouTube channel, thanking you personally for your contribution and having some fun doing it!

$1,009.34 raised (201%)

Lazer 103.3 Heather Lee

340k Iowans struggle with food insecurity. Hunger rates for homes with children in need have tripled. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about when they’ll eat again. Let’s take that worry OFF their plates.

$367.54 raised (73%)

Suzi - Lazer 103.3

Please join my team as we work toward our goal of creating over 1,000 sacks of food for the Food Bank of Iowa's Backpack Program! Thank You!

$294.31 raised (58%)
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    Thanks to both Alex and Deb for your contributions today!

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    Suzy Suzi - Lazer 103.3

    Another awesome day! Thank you Daren and Aurora! YOU ROCK!

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